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Hydrant Drain Box

Never put a person at risk from injury or death when the trench walls collapse, use a Davis UHB instead and make the whole operation safe.

Reduce time when replacing old hydrants, or even assemble above ground and lower into place to backfill without the need for gravel.


Davis UHB Universal Hydrant Boot Company

Davis UHB

Designed and developed through over 20 years of hydrant installation. The UHB is made for many different soil types and various conditions. The Davis UHB is made from recycled surgical grade polypropylene.

New installation no longer requires a person to be in the trench preventing and eliminating the risk of injury or death, should the trench walls fail. With the New UHB, the installation is no longer time consuming or Labor intensive and most importantly no longer a Safety Hazard!

Simply attach to the hydrant bottom to protect the valve from all sediment and allow the hydrant to drain quickly and efficiently. This simple and patented two piece device can be installed after the waterline is secured to the fitting.

Quick and easy assembly, safely above ground, then lowered into the trench and backfilled without gravel. This operation drastically reduces the time in the trench when replacing old hydrants, The UHB is a light weight, durable device that will never rust or collapse, not to mention very cost effective.

The Davis UHB allows free drainage without contamination. Because it allows the free drainage, it will allow the water to drain away from the pipe and leach naturally, thus preventing premature and costly replacement. The leach ability is equivalent to approximately 9sq. ft. of washed gravel (6”) deep.

We're Green!

Davis UHB is made from green materials, recycled surgical grade polypropylene which will never rust or collapse. It is developed to withstand many different soils and conditions. Attach the Davis UHB to any standard frost free hydrant water lines, the connection is now protected from sediment while allowing quick and efficient drainage without contamination from rusts or other chemicals. The Davis UHB leach ability is equal to approximately 9 feet squared of washed gravel, 6 inches deep.

Inline T hydrant or 90

Provide a safe enclosure around the bottom valve assembly for water hydrants.

  • Lightweight 1 lb
  • Extremely tough recycled surgical grade polyproylene
  • Universal fit on all standard 1" inside diameter manufactured frost free hydrants
  • Install above ground and lower into trench – no need to put a human into danger of trench collapse!
  • Protects lower drain assembly
  • Create proper drainage of frost free hydrants
  • No need to bed hydrant in gravel